The Reporter’s Affairs

Frank Gordon became obsessed with lie detection while in High School after being deceived by his first teenage love. He entered college with a plan to develop a portable lie detector as a research project for his Ph.D. If he completed his research, he would be sought after by many companies looking to license his work. But instead, he flunked his final exam, ran out of money, and had to leave school.

Down on engineering and technology, he searched for a different kind of job. One morning during breakfast at an old drugstore, he was discovered by a glamorous television news anchor. She saw potential in his good looks and sexy voice and offered to teach him to be a reporter. She believed his presence would significantly raise her dwindling news program’s ratings.

This is the story of Frank’s struggles to become a successful television reporter and his involvement with two women. One affair threatens to undermine his position as a reporter while the other enhances it. Along the way, Frank conducts many humorous interviews and gets himself and his television station into trouble numerous times.

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